Maximize your indoor potential—today and tomorrow—with C-RAN small cells

Even as mobile operators continue to deploy LTE, subscribers are already craving what’s next, particularly 5G. You need to be able to support both—especially indoors, where the overwhelming majority of mobile data is consumed. Delivering reliable wireless service indoors increases your challenge. How do you handle signal propagation, high subscriber density, cell border interference and deployment costs?

The good news is that indoor networks that can migrate from LTE to 5G New Radio (NR) can mean higher revenues and more satisfied subscribers for years to come. The better news is that CommScope anticipated this opportunity. The result is OneCell?.

Eliminate indoor coverage issues, while speeding deployment

Using a Cloud RAN (C-RAN) architecture pioneered by CommScope, OneCell creates a single “super cell” across multiple access points throughout the building. By eliminating handovers and border interference, it enables high-reliability, high speed, low latency service; and with cell virtualization, multiple users can dynamically share the same frequencies, multiplying system capacity.

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OneCell consists of an intelligent baseband controller and distributed radio endpoints. Working together they provide the indoor performance and cost advantages that improve today’s LTE networks and are critical for tomorrow’s 5G deployments.

  • User-centric: Optimizes coverage, capacity and capabilities based on users and their data demands—not the physical space
  • Edge intelligence: Detects and responds to changes in user or device location and behavior—improving location awareness and supporting the delivery of value-added services
  • Ethernet fronthaul: Leverages the widespread use of Ethernet infrastructure—providing full compatibility with 5G NR front-haul specifications and a Wi-Fi-like deployment model
  • Programmable radios: Uses fully programmable logic that modifies baseband processing to support emerging radio standards through a software upgrade

When it comes to monetizing today’s LTE and tomorrow’s 5G technologies, OneCell is cost-efficient to deploy, maintain and scale. So you accelerate and amplify the return on your infrastructure investment.

Automate and coordinate small cell provisioning and management

As a vital part of your radio access network (RAN) infrastructure, small cells need to coordinate—with each other and the macro network. However, unlike macro base stations, they are often deployed in high volume by users with limited radio frequency (RF) expertise.

That’s why small cell networks require automated tools for provisioning, radio frequency optimization and ongoing operation and support. CommScope’s Device Management System (DMS) platform automates the process of small cell network provisioning, making it quick and easy to coordinate the small cells in your network, whether you have a hundreds or hundreds of thousands of access points. The DMS features:

  • Assured plug-and-play provisioning:?Automatically configures over 100 key network and radio frequency parameters for connected small cells.
  • Optimized subscriber experience:?Self-organizing network (SON) algorithms optimize small cell RF characteristics, improving performance by up to 90 percent.
  • Simplified network operations:?Tools for provisioning, small-cell-to-macro coordination and device software upgrades reduce operational complexity.
  • Powerful customer support tools:?Visually intuitive dashboards allow support personnel to quickly identify and resolve customer issues.
  • Open, standards-based architecture:?Based on the popular TR-069 device management protocol. Standards-based interfaces support integration with existing operational support systems (OSS) and network management systems.
  • Scalable:?A single system can expand to manage millions of devices.
Discover the Potential of OneCell

With 80-percent of all mobile sessions originating indoors, your 5G strategy requires an inside-out approach. That’s OneCell from CommScope. To learn how we’re powering the present and empowering the future, explore OneCell.

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