Combining and Filter Solutions

Reduce RF path complexities and minimize interference

As the outdoor wireless landscape grows more complex and the demand for more capacity rapidly increases, network operators are seeking smart and efficient ways to deploy while proactively managing challenges where space is limited and airwaves are congested. This means determining the right site architecture plan that can simplify RF path connectivity and ensure quality performance.

At CommScope, we can show you what’s available today and what’s possible tomorrow. Our combining and filter solutions, which include highly integrated options, enable you to share antennas and feeders without degrading RF performance.

With our combining and filter solutions, you can:

  • Streamline higher-order MIMO implementations
  • Reduce capital and operating expenses
  • Suppress unwanted frequencies while allowing desired signals to freely pass through
  • Deliver excellent PIM performance
  • Get you network up and running quickly with minimal site architecture adjustments

Simplify implementation for many applications — conventional ones or those where remote radio heads are used; and those with one band or multiple bands.

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